Truth, justice, harmony, and balance.

We all seek it in various ways. Perhaps through the most sound logic that our thoughts can produce, through the feelings in our gut that urge us to make not just any choice, but the right one, or through the tugging of our hearts- a feeling that grasps us from the inside out, willing us to express that yes- this is my authentic desire, this is my chosen truth.


These are a few of the ideas that represent Ma’at’s divine order. Values that made it possible to live life in accordance with the values of ancient Egyptian society. There are seven principles in total; the others being order, reciprocity and propriety. I use these ideas to conform to my own personal society– the ideas that harmonize with the individual and the highest forms of truth we can learn about ourselves.

Ma’at is a Goddess you encounter after death. It was customary for the wealthy to prepare bodies in a way that made life after death possible, but ultimately it was up to Ma’at to determine if you were worthy of a happy afterlife. On her balance scale she weighs your heart against the weight of her feather of truth. If your heart has lived life in accordance to the truth of her principles your heart would be equal or lighter than the feather and you would go on to heaven. If not, your heart is eaten by a demon and you are damned to the underworld.

“Just like the pyramid, with time my exterior has been shed. The winds of change have weathered me down by force and by choice so that I can see what I am made of rather than only relying on the truth of those who made me.”

In this globalized world that is continuing to grow and shrink so rapidly I take comfort in my own feather of truth. I seek personal truths to find harmony, balance, and the meaning of justice within ourselves and encourage others to do the same.

Just in January alone I’ve been on 3 different continents, and left the one that I’ve called home for 2 years. From Thailand I passed through Egypt and now I’m happy to find myself settled in my new home with Evan (eRochefoucauld) in Albania. Some of my photos for this set were shot in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and Cairo, Egypt.