let me be your muse

A muse offers the promise of epiphany, and the goddesses represent the stories that have guided us for eons. Through photography, writing, modeling, and more, I offer you their stories and inspiration. Let me be your muse.

The power of

Once upon a time, we lived a life that felt like an endless advertisement for things we weren’t really seeking. We became desensitized to it, as brands, businesses, and influencers competed for our attention. We, the anonymous audience, were their leverage, so long as we were looking anywhere else but at our own life and our true desires.

This world treated us as a commodity, once upon a time…

But I want to offer you something different, something far more valuable. Rather than diluting your intuition with the want of others, I’ll show you another path.

your Journey starts with Inspiration

Let me be your Muse.


I love to tell stories through my modeling. From my own projects, to work with incredible photographers around the world, wherever I can create beauty and embody femininity, I will go.

My original creation, Goddess Cosplay, tells the stories of Goddesses throughout history. I started this project in April 2018, and have created many cosplays since. My writing about each Goddess, as well as a few select photos from the series, are publicly available. To get the full photoset, please visit my shop or unlock access to my premium content.

I have also been able to model with professional photographers around the world, from Thailand, to Greece, to Germany. When possible, and with permission from my partner photographer, I will release these photos in my shop or as part of my premium package.

Goddess Cosplay

Story-telling through nude photography.

Professional Modeling

My work with inspiring photographers around the world.

Work with me

I am available as a model for many types of projects – from individual creative work, to designer brands, to large classes and workshops. 

Contact me for rates, and especially, to discuss your project! Click below to learn more.

Modeling for photographers

For creative projects, portfolios, and designer brands.

Figure art modeling

Nude figure art modeling for classes and commercial projects.

Multi-day photography and art workshops

Modeling for groups of photographers.

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Let me be your Muse

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Muses will inspire, not direct. They offer epiphany, not simple answers. A muse will make you want to create, build, grow, and achieve, and then they get out of your way as you charge into your highest pursuits with passion and ferocity. A muse is a spark of life that ignites flames that engulf us. No darkness can hide her and no light can find her. A muse is unknowable, a permanent mystery, and a path to paradise.

She will never lead, but is always followed. She is a feast that reminders us of our hunger, and feather so light that makes us conscious of the burden we ought bear. Every genius of history has sought her, and you can too. The intimate path contains every pleasure and every pain.

This is the path I offer you – not a path to me, but up. The ascent is the highest happiness, and a muse has inspired every great step.

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My name is Inanna. I will share my love of beauty, desire, and life with my community and the world. I believe it will come back to me. My task is to point up, towards desire, for you, for everyone, forever.

Created by Inanna Thomsen. Contact me at inanna@desirethegoddess.com

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Whether it’s what I’ll be working on next month, things I’ve come across that I find inspiring, or a sample of my photography, I want to share it with you.

Through these photos, I want to share with you softness and strength. I want to show the strength of a woman’s confidence. Beauty as a virtue that can be held not only externally, but also within. Desire as a strength that lies within beauty. I share the timelessness and simplicity of these concepts stylistically.